Carlien Kahl

I created Inspireck (Pty) Ltd to facilitate integrated achievement. You can optimize development within and across different levels and systems, including within yourself as an individual, or within different systems such as your family, education, workplace and community settings.

Integration requires navigating towards and accessing what you need most appropriately. You may have natural resources but not know how to use them effectively or for a specific situation. Or, there may be resources that exist in your immediate surroundings that you may not know how to access optimally.

I facilitate learning experiences and integration processes through educational kinesiology using neuro-integration movements from occupational kinesiology for successful goal-directed experiences. I also use LEGO Education® products to embody learning as tangible and fun (even with adults).

As a researcher, I  am involved in qualitative research and provide customized training in qualitative methodologies, from conceptualizing and conducting research, including a specialized focus on qualitative data collection and analysis. I also know how to optimize these phases for mixed-methods integration.

I’m an accredited senior professional ATLAS.ti trainer. I use and show fellow researchers how to analyze qualitative data, literature and multi-media sources using ATLAS.ti – a powerful qualitative computer-assisted analysis tool.


Carlien Kahl, PhD, is a qualified research psychologist (PS 0126020), engaged in qualitative research and well-being. She offers a range of research and educational support services to help individuals or groups  experience self-directed optimal learning to feel empowered and take ownership of their achievements in the most appropriate way. Support includes individual consultations, training sessions, and workshops.

Kindly contact Carlien for custom-made education packages and pricing.

Training & Consultation

Pathways to Quality Research & Development

My services are customized to fit you or your organizations’ needs. My skills may be applied in workshop sessions, individual consultations, and group work. I integrate my knowledge from research, occupational kinesiology and practical field-experience and expertise to facilitate and embody learning experiences.

Content may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Qualitative Approaches in Research: Ontology, Epistemology & Design
  • Fieldworker Training
  • Using Translators
  • Interview Skills & Practical Guidance
  • Using Visual Methodologies
  • Active Participation Methods
  • Community Access, Gate Keepers & Ethics
  • Laiasing with Community Advisory Panels
  • Contextually Embedded Research
  • Transcribing Guidelines & Best Practices
  • Coding & Qualitative Approaches: Best Fit?
  • Different Coding Approaches: How to Apply Coding using ATLAS.ti
  • Using ATLAS.ti 7 & 8 to Manage & Analyse Data
  • Mmogo-method® in Qualitative Research
  • Assuring Quality & Rigor in Qualitative Analysis
  • Co-coding Data
  • Merging Analyses for Mixed-Methods Approaches
  • Critical Skills Development: Advancing Analyses
  • Self-directed Development & Optimization
  • Happy & Self-empowered Functioning
  • Stress & Pain Management: Reducing Hinderances & Improving Self-managed Output
  • Body Support: Posture & Moves that Help
  • Optimal Nutritional Support: Individualized Body Recognition
  • Integrated Reflexes & Brain Development
  • Touch For Health Practitioner: Foundations of Kinesiology
  • Ageing & Optimal Health: Across Lifespan
  • Self-limiting Beliefs: Actively Changing Thought Patterns
  • Improved Socialization & Decision-making
  • Concentrating Effectively
  • Playful Learning
  • Scholastic Skills: Reading, Writing, Talking, Listening & Social- and Emotional Development
  • Learning Effectively: Study Skills & Recalling Information
  • Contentment & Mindfulness through Movements that Matter
  • Rhythm, Music & the Mind
  • Sensory Learning Experiences
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • System↔Person Interactions: Recognizing Contributions, Resources & Opportunities for Positive Change
  • Managing Research Projects
  • Managing Research Budgets


More and more we move toward integrated development and well-being. Part of this trend is healthy bodies and minds. Have a look at ways in which you can incorporate positive changes on these levels.

Consider the following: What is the smallest, possible step I can take today to create positive change in my life.


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